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The Ministry of Finance of Belarus will let out the bonds nominated in dollars, euro for their citizens. Imagine: any citizen can put money into the state, I mean Belarus. Knowing credit’s history of Belarus & the size of an external debt, it’s certain a risk (to purchase these bonds). It can turn back a default, like in Russia in 1998, but investors might will receive the profit. It depends on efficiency policy of the Belarus.

At the present day, the belarussian policy in economy is: to support of the unprofitable enterprises are financing by oil products, potash, tractors. Belarus have 2 ways:

The 1st is: To finance social expenses and live on credit further, nothing do in economy at all.

The 2nd is: To formulate strategy of development of Belarus, the main things in that are strategy and tactics of development of economy.

The chosen ways will define winners and lost or only winners. But you can’t forget that the state doesn't lose, but it concerns, first of all, Belarus. Do you like the blog — zone of economy? Please, tell about it to your friends.

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